Odalys Jasmine

Hella Latin@ Podcast Host and Creator & Latina Storyteller 

Que tal mi gente, it’s your girl Odalys Jasmine! I’m a proud first-generation Hondureña born and raised in Southeast San Diego. I’m all about creating spaces for my community and amplifying their stories in the most authentic way possible. 

That’s why I created Hella Latin@, a platform for Latinos to share their first-generation or immigrant story and share their unique experience navigating Latinidad and identity in the United States. 


And it all connects back to my story and my why. From ESL classes to a communications career. From homelessness to financial independence. From juggling multiple jobs as a college student to finding a fulfilling career. 


Each collective experience—the unique, the emotional, the empowering—led to a journey of self-love, self-compassion and personal growth. Which then led to owning and embracing my own story. 


With every Hella Latin@ episode, I have more and more pride in our community and the first-generation/immigrant experience. And nuestra gente agree! Hella Latin@ was recently named top 60 Latino podcasts to follow in 2021.


When I’m not working on the pod or collaborating with other Latino creatives, I’m leading storytelling/personal branding workshops for first-gen college students. I’ve led more than 70 workshops for Bay Area universities to date and received the PRSA People to Watch Under 30 award in 2019.


Learn more about me in my very first HLP episode by clicking on Hella Latin@ Podcast at the top. And big thank you for visiting my site!


I changed my name on LinkedIn! Jasmine Garcia ➡️ Odalys Jasmine Garcia Arce.

My whole life people called me Jasmine. My mom only called me Odalys when she was mad at me—actually, she still does that. 

In school though, my teachers always pronounced Odalys wrong so instead of correcting them, I’d say, just call me Jasmine.

Little did I know I slowly conditioned myself to cringe at the sound of my first name. It felt too different, too Latina...

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Cuando digo tu amiga Hondureña, I mean it. If you got chisme or ideas for collaboration or want to share your story on HL, dímelo! Connect with me on all social channels or submit a message below. 

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