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Odalys Jasmine

Hella Latin@ Podcast Host, Creator and Facilitator 

Que tal mi gente, it’s your girl Odalys Jasmine! I’m a proud first-gen Hondureña born and raised in Southeast San Diego. I’m all about creating spaces for my community and amplifying their stories in the most authentic way possible. 

That’s why I created Hella Latin@, a platform for Latinos to share their first-generation or immigrant story, and share their unique experiences navigating Latinidad and identity in the United States. 


And it all connects back to my story. From ESL classes to working in tech. From homelessness to financial independence. From juggling multiple jobs as a college student to finding a fulfilling career. 


First-gen comes with it's own set of experiences and there's no guidebook on how to get through it. But there is Hella Latin@, a platform that highlights our beauty, our struggle, and our resilience. May these stories serve as a guide and may it be a reminder that you're not alone. 


With every Hella Latin@ episode, I have more and more pride in our community. Y nuestra gente agree—Hella Latin@ was named top 60 Latino podcasts to follow in 2021, 2022 and 2023 and was featured on Telemundo during HHM 2022.

When I’m not working on the pod, I’m leading workshops for Latino organizations, Employee Resource Groups, or first-gen college students. I'm also the co-creator of the Unfiltered LinkedIn Live Series with Odalys and Pabel, and the creator of Hella First Gen Audio Series.


Learn more about me, our community, and our stories by tuning into Hella Latin@ Podcast. Abrazos, xo.


I'm here to create content that tells OUR story and encapsulates our unique experiences. My mission is to make space for more of our people -- one story at a time. 

Whether I'm moderating an ERG panel, or writing a post about repping the hood, or having a vulnerable career conversation on my Hella First Gen Audio Series or LinkedIn Live, everything I do is with that same mission in mind.


To access more of my content and Live or Audio Series, click below. 

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A little more about me

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Let's be bffs

Cuando digo tu amiga Hondureña, I mean it. If you got collab ideas, or need a speaker for your next event, OR want to share your story on Hella Latin@, dímelo! Connect with me on all social channels or submit a message below. 

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I listened to your latest episode From Surviving to Thriving yesterday at the gym and honestly I have no words to describe the emotional tsunami that hit me. I found you on LinkedIn and the timing could not have been more perfectly aligned with my journey.

Mad respect to you. I've been listening to your podcast over the last couple weeks and you're speaking to me. The work you are doing, just blows my mind, and you are the example we needed, young, and old.

To be honest I wanted to thank you for showing that anything can be done. Because when I hear you and the convo you are having it inspires me to push forward like if she can do it so can I. 

With each episode I am snapping my fingers and nodding my head. I finally have a podcast I can relate to on so many levels and also learn new things. Your episodes have drawn me to think deeper about my roots, who I am, and where I come from.

What they say...

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